Crimson4 Battle Challenge

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Hey guys, and welcome to the Crimson4 battle challenge!


This event has a tradition Elite4 theme, the objective is to beat 4 different trainers and make it to the top!


Unlike the Elite4 from the games, these trainers are not limited to a monotype, and each team has a multitude of types to battle. Furthermore, our teams can change at any time increasing the difficulty immensely.


This challenge is quite difficult, it is recommended to bring a full level 100 ev trained team, or you may struggle.


If you make your way to the top you will be marked in our Hall of Fame (not the official one), this will allow you with a chance to fight our Hidden Champion!


To win the event, you must only beat the Crimson4, if you wish to be put in the Hall of Champions you must defeat our Hidden Champion!


All of the trainers you face are not required to be online for the event, you may challenge them in any order (We will keep track for you!)


If the waiting glitch occurs, you must start with the pokemon you had out, if you had any setup boosts that is up to the leader discretion.


Be warned, a single loss from one of the members will cause you to have to start from the beginning, so plan your team wisely!


Please note, that all gym rules apply, and failure to comply with the gym rules will be considered a loss. (Megas are allowed)


The cooldown in the event of a loss is maximum 2 hours or less if the gym leader specifies.


On this event we have multiple floors for each different Battler and the order of the battlers with the floors are shown below.


Our battlers include

Floor 1 - falling_turtle (./warp one) (Temporarily filled by Mr_Snuffilufigus starting july 15th while on vacation)

Floor 2 - DarkVemon (./warp two)

Floor 3 - MC_Invin (./warp three)

Floor 4 - SpeedTurtleFTW (./warp four)

Top Floor! - Hidden Champion!


We also have spectate areas for each floor and they are ./warp Spec(Floor number) [./warp Spec1 for example]


./Warp Crimson4 to challenge, this event has started so feel free to challenge, (we will accept requests to raise level to 100 in battle rules)

Progress of Players: 

Acidphantom- Beat first floor

jennqi - Beat first floor, 2nd, and 3rd







Acidphantom beat Third floor 0-2



Any questions feel free to ask me. Here to help  

I am pretty sure CSMineMan beat all of the floors.

Kindofmadness won against the third floor


This sucks for me then cuz I only just started though have some good Pokemon like Glalie, Kangaskan, Luxray, Crawdaunt, Vileplume, Scyther and Slowbro.

Total newb. 

Trading wild caught Lvl43 Glalie for a Legendary. Feel free to enquire!

Train some more pokemon then give it a go and be the first one to beat it!

Any questions feel free to ask me. Here to help  

Acidphantom beat the third floor


Jennqi beat the third floor

Acid beat third floor